Our Multi-Storey solution is ideal for buildings requiring two or more storeys that do not require a steel portal (or frame) structure to provide structural strength and rigidity.  For those situations where greater structural integrity through the use of steel portals and frames we have developed a Hybrid Multi-Storey solution set.

These Multi-Storey solutions can be used as  community centres, schools, clinics, office accommodation and homes.  As with our Single Storey solution set, the key requirement has been for high performing and value engineered buildings with the ability to adapt and change the structure over time.

The key characteristics include:

Design versatility – the superstructure can be designed to meet the space and shape requirements of our Clients and Customers. As per our Single Storey solution set, our Multi-Storey solutions allow for last minute variations in the non-structural elements of a design. This provides greater flexibility to architects, builders and Clients.

Core Superstructure – this forms the backbone to the entire building and utilises innovative technologies to insulate, inter-connect, bear loads and meet buildings standards. For the Multi-Storey solution set this is reinforced at Panel level and when blended with Foundation Base, Roof and Finishing solutions from our leading specialist partners provide the best of breed answer to requirements.

Reinforced Structurally Insulated and Load Bearing Composite Panels made from timber, steel or LVL, with a choice of insulation options and external sheathing materials. Our preference for external sheathing is for fully certified and tested Magnesium Oxide boards. When applied using our design methodology these Composite Panels provide the ability to upgrade the non-structural elements of a design at a later stage and at an incremental cost which protects the investment made in the initial build.

Modular or Component build and installation – we can provide our solution as large modular units or at a component level. This can be specified according to the site, purpose of the building, availability of skills and the project economics. Thus, the solution and system can be either craned or man-handled on the site.

Performance – superb thermal insulation which lowers energy requirements, pioneering use of sustainable materials, ability to upgrade core services (when using our Design Methodology). Easy installation, with minimised scaffolding and cranage due to the speed of build, and the ability to finish with a wide range of materials and techniques both inside and out.


  • Superstructure designed, precision and value engineered in the UK conforming to all building and fire regulations
  • Offsite manufacturing process guarantees a pre-tensioned building, which can be built more quickly than traditional build techniques
  • All panels are easily manhandled enabling superstructure to be built in the most inaccessible of areas or can be pre-modularised on site where circumstances and budget allows.
  • Highly customised building solution requiring minimal electric tools and heavy lifting equipment to install
  • All materials 100% recyclable