About Us

Our solutions provide highly customisable design options, precision engineered superstructures, the ability for communities to be involved with most aspects of a build, speed of build and maintenance, value engineering for volume applications, and the ability to extend and scale up.

Our team has many decades of experience in design and engineering, business management, product development, sales and marketing, construction and manufacturing, information technology, people development, risk management, compliance and finance across a number of industry sectors. We work closely with development scientists and engineers to drive our innovation efforts. We work in close partnerships with our Clients and Communities with nearly all of demand coming from strategic and long-standing partners.

We bring a truly unique proposition to the market:

  • We challenge convention to support our communities better and we do this faster
  • We believe that compromises in design lead to compromises in quality and so high quality is integral to everything that we do
  • We think innovation and precision engineering should be affordable by all and so integrity is present in everything we do

We do this by:

  1. Developing high performance and precision engineered products, using cutting edge thinking and innovation. We pioneer new ways to deliver high quality consistently and at volume
  2. We work only with the leading pioneers in commerce and social enterprise. Those who want to be first, who want to achieve the best, those who think beyond the next goal to the ones after
  3. We have applied this approach to that most essential of human requirements – buildings.