ID Atlantic is among the world’s leading innovation companies through our approach of sustainability to address the challenge of achieving quality building through the use of environmentally friendly materials, efficient processes and innovative techniques. This is core to our mission of delivering self sufficient communities which can be built in almost any location.

Our approach to sustainability and the environment is based on:

  • Innovation through the use of renewable materials and ground breaking building techniques
  • Precision tooling delivering fast, efficient and adaptable processes
  • Eliminating waste both offsite and onsite
  • Removing noise pollution onsite
  • Reduction in the amount of onsite traffic
  • Minimising the operational energy and resulting emissions of CO2 created from the manufacture of our building solutions
  • Health and well-being and the provision of good daylight quality, sound insulation, private space, accessibility, and adaptability
  • Internal and external water saving measures
  • Surface water run-off and the management of surface water run-off from the development and flood risk