We specialise in bringing innovative technology solutions to market that improve and benefit the communities we live and work in.

This includes new applications for modern methods of construction for creating and upgrading buildings by improving performance, cost, versatility and choice.

Achieving this has required leveraging the latest developments and cutting edge technologies in offsite construction whilst maintaining a focus on sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials.


Our current range of solutions and products is focused on building systems to support a range of diverse applications such as community centres, schools, clinics, offices and homes.

Our products are engineered primarily for permanent use and can also support specialist applications such as temporary and re-usable structures.

We can provide our solutions and products as turnkey projects.  We can bring a range of services and expertise to support our customers across the complete project lifecycle.  Our expertise is also available on a consultancy basis to support a customer’s ongoing building project needs.

Single Storey

Single storey solutions for a range of diverse applications

Single storey solutions where high performance and value engineering is the primary driver. Typical space sizes of 20m2 to 2000m2

Multi Storey

Multi Storey solutions for community centres, schools, clinics, office accommodation and homes

Multi Storey solutions ideal for buildings requiring 2 or more storeys that do not require a steel portal/frame structure to provide structural strength and rigidity. Typical sizes from 50m2 to 3500m2.

Hybrid Multi Storey

Our two part Hybrid Multi-Storey system

Our two-part Hybrid Multi-Storey system leverages the strength of a steel portal/frame structure (to provide the required building height) with the benefits of our innovative superstructure solutions to provide the high performance and easy to build floor units.


a range of services that leverages ID Atlantic's team and our many years of experience

We can provide a range of specialist and management services such as project management, design support, smart sourcing, technical research, foundation solutions which leverage the many years of experience in our team. This is an integral part of our solution delivery and is also available on a consultancy basis for our valued customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is that everyone should have a quality place to live, enjoy, learn and work that they can be proud of and that enables them to raise their families and build communities safely and securely. These places should be high performing, easy to construct, easy to run and maintain, represent value for money, be self sufficient and as sustainable as possible.


ID Atlantic is among the world’s leading innovation companies through our approach to sustainability to address the challenge of achieving quality building through the use of environmentally friendly materials, efficient processes and innovative techniques. This is core to our mission of delivering self sufficient communities which can be built in almost any location.


ID Atlantic and our Partner organisations have been developing a range of solutions to address building, shelter and housing needs. From this unique vantage point we understand both the challenges facing our Clients and Communities and the opportunities that may exist.

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